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UMongameli we-SKAL Asia uRobert Sohn uyarhoxa

In a shock announcement SKÅL ASIA President Robert Sohn announced his resignation to the board of officers.
In his announcement he cited business pressures, saying “Dear Asian Area Board of Directors, I am very pleased that the 47th SKÅL Asia Congress was completed in a success and am very proud of all Directors with thanks!
“It has been an honor to be with SKÅL AA Committee these past 10 years and to serve thousands of Skålleagues in Asia.  It also has been my great privilege to work with a professional and skilled team of Directors full of SKÅL spirits.
“As the businesses of my company significantly increased and expanded, I as CEO have to devote myself to them.  It is regrettable but I cannot but resign my position as President for SKÅL AA after the 47th SKÅL Asia Congress.”
Mr Sohn is CEO of Promac Partnership a marketing and communications company based in South Korea sent out the email nine days after the successful conclusion of the SKÅL Asia Congress in Macau.
SKÅL ASIA comprises of over 2,425 members in 41 clubs, 26 grouped in five national committees and 15 affiliated. The Skål Asian Area is the most diverse area in the world of Skål, reaching from Guam in the Pacific Ocean more than 10,000 km to Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, with clubs in 19 fascinating countries in between.
Following the demise of the former SAA president – Marco Battistotti – in a tragic traffic accident in 2015, Robert Sohn was appointed SKÅL ASIA AREA President.
Mr. Sohn also commented about the time frame of a possible handover, “I am expecting the AA Committee to elect a new president as early as possible in accordance with the Statutes, any remaining duties will be discussed and transferred with the relevant directors.”
Responding to the shock news, Hon SKÅL INTL Past President Uzi Yalon said, “I observed the work of a few Area Presidents, I must tell you I do appreciate your sincerity and professionalism…I wish you all my very best and hope to see you often.”
Dushy Jayaweera SAA Director of Young SKÅL and Student Exchange said, “It is with sadness that I note your resignation as Skal AA President. You took over at a trying time and kept the AA board together during your tenure. While respecting your decision, I would also like to thank you for the guidance given to the AA board.”
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