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Isikhululo senqwelomoya iAvinor Oslo sandisa isisombululo sokhuseleko


Qognify, a leader in big data solutions for physical security and operations, today announced that it has recently expanded its security solution at Gardermoen Oslo Airport with Situator, the company’s market-leading situation management solution. Avinor, the group responsible for managing INorwayairports, decided to not only expand and upgrade Oslo Airport, but unify its different systems to create a unified security platform.

Extending to Situation Management

A Qognify video management solution user since 2008, the Airport, with the support of Racom, Qognify’s partner, the airport now added Situator Situation Management solution. The comprehensive platform integrates all existing systems – Qognify and third-party, including thousands of surveillance cameras, access control and other sensors. Situator structures and correlates the information from these different systems for greater situational awareness, incident management and effective response.

Flexigate li ngaphezu inkxaso

Being a major European airport, Oslo serves many Schengen flights, meaning flights to the 26 European countries that have officially abolished passport and all other types of border control at their borders. Allowing the area to function as a single country for international travel purposes dictates special operational requirements using advanced Flexigate system. The Flexigate system avoids incidents where the wrong doors are opened to ensure that passengers who should go through the border control actually do so. Situator integrates with the advanced Flexigate access control system, and overrides switching of gates between Schengen and non-Schengen flights, as well as the domestic flights if the control systems are out of operations.

Avinor Oslo Airport: "USituator allows us to leverage our existing technology, and extend the capabilities of those systems for increased value. Our long-term partnership with Racom and Qognify has given us the ability to smartly and cost-effectively upgrade our security without having to rip & replace previous, viable investments.”

“Adding Qognify Situator to the security and operations program at Oslo Airport has enabled us to confidently build true best-of-breed solution,” said Frode Igland, CEO, Racom AS. “The new capabilities provide a common operating picture for all stakeholders, improving security and operations.”

“Oslo Airport’s security program is one of the most advanced ones among the many airports we are involved in,” commented Moti Shabtai, Qognify's CEO & Mongameli. “Our partnership with Avinor and Racom is a testament to how deep, long-term collaboration can produce exceptional return on investment for the airport.”

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